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Proactive Income Fund

Proactive Income Fund


Every state in America has a affordable housing crisis. The current supply has not kept up with demand, in addition materials supplies have dramatically increased making home owneship even more out of reach for most Americans.

The ProActive Income Fund is actively solving this problem by transforming distressed real estate into desiarable reimagined communities.

Our mission is to provide safe affordable housing with the greatest amount of social impact while also delivering impressive returns to the investors who believe in our vision.

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Our Process

We want to build a relationship with you. If you are interested in investing for the greatest social impact in America, submit your contact information and investment details to ProActive.

We'll review your request thoroughly, then a member of our team will personally reach out to qualified investment candidates to discuss specific details and next steps.

Together We Can Transform American Communities

Investors' Testimonials

It has been a great pleasure and opportunity for us to partner with Dr. Van Willams and the Proactive team. From our initial investment, we have been very pleased by Proactive Funds' operationally intensive approach, transparency and reporting. Our returns far exceeded our expectations. We have enjoyed investing with Dr. Van and eagerly await his next offering.

Chi H.Investor

We have two investments with The Proactive Income Fund, and appreciate the service they provide to low and moderate income families. This is along with the solid return on investment for those who provide funds for the investment—in our case, the mobile home park

Mr. Otis W.Investor

I have $600K invested in the ProActive Income Fund. The returns have been consistent every quarter and I am impressed with the returns to date.

Mr. Stuart S.Investor

The return received on my investment was phenomenal. I would’ve never made that on the S&P. I receive $3,000 in three months span. It was truly a miracle. Thank you for the journey I took with you for the Mobile Home property in South Carolina. God Bless.

Jayanti M.Investor