Understanding Social Impact Real Estate Investment Funds

Learn how investors can use their self directed retirement or Roth IRA’s to invest in the ProActive Realty Income Fund tax free.

How the ProActive Income Realty Fund Invests in Creating Affordable Housing

Check out a recent episode of the DoubleWide Dudes Podcast to hear Dr.Van Williams, founder and CEO of ProActive Real Estate Group, discuss ProActive’s impact on affordable housing.

Social Impact Investing: Balancing Profit and Purpose, with Dr. Van Williams

Dr. Van Williams has a Ph.D. in Psychology and more than 20 years of real estate investment and management experience. This gives him a unique POV as he transforms deteriorating properties into cash generating assets. He and Lance discuss his focus on social impact investing in underserved and working class areas, how he evaluates property for ‘Impact Rate of Return,’ and the unique challenges of balancing profit with purpose.