About ProActive

ProActive is a real estate equity fund focused on repositioning distressed real estate assets into attractive and affordable community developments. As both fund manager and developer, we are in a unique position to deploy investment capital to transform and uplift American communities while providing consistent returns to our investors.

Managing Partner

Dr. Van Williams

Dr. Van Williams has a consistent track record of transforming over $50 million of distressed commercial and multifamily real estate projects into high-quality cash generating assets.

His long-term specialization in underserved and working-class areas has proven a significant advantage in the acquisition, contract negotiation, due diligence, risk assessment, financing, construction, and disposition of multifamily, single family, and commercial developments.

He has expertise in navigating complex distressed assets by working with community officials, community groups, and community impact organizations to build support for project approval.

Managing Director

Michael Zajas

Michael Zajas is a real estate investments and acquisitions leader with experience in sourcing, underwriting, developing an investment strategy, fund creation and management, investor relations, capital raising, and portfolio optimization. In the last six years, Mr. Zajas worked as a principal with startup ventures or projects to become capitalized, create investment strategies and execute plans.
EVP Investor Relations | Partner

Rocco Forino

Rocco Forino is both an investor and dealmaker who has worked with select family offices and private equity groups to close over $300 million in private investment deals.

He has funded numerous tech startups as well as repositioned and rebranded real estate assets from hotels to manufactured housing communities.

Rocco Forino is the author of Opportunity Zone Millionaire a book written specifically to help entrepreneurs and fund managers from underserved communities gain access to investment capital to fund their future ventures and help transform American communities into thriving venture ecosystems.


1. Transform Communities without gentrification

2. Affordability is the foundation of all our projects

3. Consistent returns to investors who believe in our mission

Social Impact

We love the Social Impact space. Putting capital to work in some of America’s poorest communities enables us to make transformative change for people located in these distressed communities without gentrification.

It is important that ProActive leads the charge and focuses on the affordable housing space because we are one of the few Funds equipped with the capital, vision and resources to execute our mission.