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ProActive Income Fund III Ranks Above The Highest Return REITS

Proactive Income Fund III Overview

The ProActive Income Fund III has already began the transformation of these two communities totaling 88 homes and green spaces. Older homes will be replaced with brand new energy efficient homes that meet the highest standards in building construction.

Walkways and green spaces will be added to provide residents with the ability to connect with nature and the community. Orangeburg South Carolina is in the heart of the pharmaceutical, aerospace and automobile industries and has a housing shortage of over 4,500 affordable housing units.

Invest today and take advantage of cashflow, depreciation and appreciation benefits of the ProActive Income Fund III.

1 - The tax savings provided by depreciation can be substantial. It directly reduces a person's or entity’s taxable income, resulting in lower federal taxes.

2 - Appreciation is the difference between how much the asset was purchased versus what it sold. Investors who take part in the appreciation can earn substantial gains upon the exit of this investment asset.

3 - The combination of distributions, depreciation and appreciation together can yield a higher returns than provided above.

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Facts & Figures

Transaction Status

Projected Returns

Hold Period


Acquired in September 2022

24% cumulative over 3 years

3 Years

Orangeburg & Greeleyville South Carolina

Exit Year

Number of Homes





1100 to 1200 square feet

Approximately $1,100/month

Orangeburg and Greeleyville in the News

2022 December

2022 November

2022 October

New design plan created for community

5 new energy efficient homes added to property

Property Acquired with 15 and 31 units respectively